We create new possibilities

Our mission

To deliver engaging virtual and mixed reality experiences by creating fun and immersive content. To achieve this, we have established a culture that empowers our team members to be bold and responsible. Novity was founded with a clear focus on making an impact on the entertainment industry.

Our vision

To shape the future of entertainment by bringing new and immersive experiences to life.

– Team novity

We are a small, yet ambitious team of five, working together to bring our ideas to life. We are made up of two developers, two artists and one marketing exec, all committed to creating the most unique VR games and experiences possible.

Pedro Jorge
Project Manager & Game Developer
Jenny Green
Marketing Executive & Assistant Manager
Eimante Raudonyte
Game Developer
Joe Peatfield
Game Artist
Shenice Alexander

Game Artist

Looking to push boundaries?

Reach out if you would like to be involved with a bold and innovative studio, and be part of our creative journey.

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