These truly are strange times! We know – so unoriginal, but it’s true: the whole world is on lockdown, as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing measures have seen stores, schools, bars and restaurants closing and government guidelines continue to ask us all to stay home as much as possible, to avoid the spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, for many people, this means cancelling holidays too! We know that, for lots of you, that means long-awaited trips abroad are postponed until further notice. Here at Novity, we decided we just couldn’t let you all sit at home feeling sad. That’s why we’ve pulled together the Novity guide on how to travel…without leaving your house! That’s right – we’ve pulled together the very best VR games and experiences which allow you to travel virtually anywhere (see what we did there) to keep you entertained on lockdown

We’ve also included some of the best VR games to keep you feeling active whilst we’re all stuck at home, because keeping fit can be tricky in the same four walls!

There are even VR games to help those of you cope who are missing the office (okay, the one of you who’s missing the office. Weirdo). Let’s dive into the best VR games to keep you going through lockdown, from Novity.

Virtual Reality To Let You Travel...

Get (your mind) out of the house, and enjoy world-leading galleries and landmarks which are currently closed off in the real world. Games which allow you to experience events and exhibitions, like Museum AR and Museum VR, have long been used as a way for people to experience certain exhibitions without incurring the effort or expense of leaving their homes. These VR experiences also help to make exhibitions and visits more inclusive, for those with difficulties getting to live exhibits.

Today, you can:

,just for the price of an internet connection rather than international flights! 

If you’re feeling more interested in experiencing a true relaxing holiday, there could be no better alternative than Vacation Simulator, brought to you by ‘the same team of robots’ behind Job Simulator (which we’ll talk about in a minute!) Vacation Simulator lets you make real memories of your simulated vacation on a digital paradise. Whether you’re skiing on snowy mountains or sunbathing on a tropical desert island, Vacation Simulator’s dynamic gameplay is sure to banish the cobwebs from another weekend at home! 


VR Games To Help You Stay Active...

Why not take a break from flicking through endless workout posts on Instagram and Youtube, and use VR to get on your feet? Keeping fit can be tricky when our time outside is restricted, so using virtual reality to really get you moving is a great idea during this time. Box VR is one of our favourites here in the Novity team: BOX VR on Oculus Rift is a true cardio boxing-style workout, getting that body working and that blood pumping! With a wide range of workout lengths and intensities, ranging from 2 minutes to a full hour of working out or more, and workouts created and designed by professional fitness instructors, this is no easy way out of getting your 30 minutes of moving a day. In fact, thanks to the rhythmic beat and the fact you can work out in the comfort of your own home, it might even beat the gym (ha). 

Another fab game we love playing in the Novity offices is Beat Saber. A weird and wonderful mash-up of Star Wars and an arcade classic like Dance Dance Revolution, Beat Saber sneaks in a workout without you even noticing. Holding two virtual lightsabers in your hands, Beat Saber has the user duck, cut, slash and swipe their way through a futuristic moving virtual world (set to your favourite tracks, of course). Trust us – it’s addictive: you won’t even notice the intense workout you’re getting as you focus on those all-important points. 

Maybe You're Missing The Movies?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that during the time off I’ve been spending most of my time with my eyes fixed to the TV screen binging on Netflix series… (of course that’s when I haven’t been playing VR games upon VR games). But despite this occupying my many many hours in the day, one thing that’s missing is the experience of watching new films at the cinema on the big screen. Well… (wait for it) now you can!

Kind of. Big Screen VR let’s you use your PC desktop in VR to watch movies with friends in a virtual movie theater! You can even play your favorite PC video games on a huge screen or simply hangout in social VR chat rooms. So get your popcorn ready and enjoy! 

Driving Without Leaving Your House…

Some of you may be drivers, some may not. But regardless, lockdown has forced us all to be in cars a lot less and maybe even walk some more (for those of you feeling guilty right now… Don’t worry, I haven’t left my house in weeks either!)

Though the planet may be thanking us, I know some of you miss the experience of getting in your car and driving wherever you want, whenever you want, so why not pick up a game like Project Cars VR? Put your driving skills to the test and race around as recklessly as your heart desires! Don’t do this on the roads though, only in VR remember!

VR Games To Let You See Wildlife & Animals

We’ve already talked about how you can visit some of the world’s most famous attractions and landmarks from the comfort of your home, but what we haven’t mentioned, is how you can get back in touch with animals and wildlife. Why not take a trip to see the animals from the Sahara desert or Antarctica?

In Planet Zoo you can build a world for wildlife and meet authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world you create around them. Impressive, right? I bet they don’t have any Narwhals though, not like our Novity company mascot Nelly.

Nelly The Narwhal
She’s cute, we know.